May 10, 2019



When strength is awakened

a resolution occurs.


It’s not a choice.

It’s a resounding.


An harmonic identification:



fully complete



It’s the solution of Grandeur.


Of Regalia.


Of Fortress





is my daughter and covenant son’s

10th wedding anniversary.


What was it

that gave blessing,

a mother’s blessing

for marriage

to her only daughter?


He modeled the path

of Protector.


As a History major and graduate,

his first delight,

was military strategy.


Before they were married,

my covenant son

would come over to the house

every so often

and simply enjoy spending time

being together as a family.


A quiet Sunday afternoon,

silently, independently reading

yet all together

in our comfortable livingroom

aligning each other’s intentions

and company.


A man who reads,

who knows history,

learns from it.


A college degree

would allow him

to pursue a military career

as an officer.


When given that choice,

he chose


to serve among the ranks,

so he would know and understand

if ever in a position of leadership

just what he would be asking

of those under his command,

those consciously submitted

to his authority.


Our family

has weathered a lot

during these past 10 years.


The sacrifices

and opportunities

to learn directly from the front lines

have been something

none of us fully anticipated,

yet each of us were prepared

to shoulder each specific assignment.

My daughter especially.


In these 10 years,

she has blessed our family

with five





Most of those ten years

she has performed her duties

of wife and motherhood

on her own

away from family and friends;


a military wife

of a soldier deployed.


A founding of resolve.

A founding of fortress

sustains her,

as it sustains me.


When mortal men

fell away,

we held.


As a faithful wife and mother

we are life.


The strategies of history

only afforded defense

against an offense

too few dared to name.


Too many

succumbed to continue.



I stand

for all that is good

and noble

and true



that is a future

we create

each and every day.


In every word we speak.

In every smile we bring

into hearts and minds



A repository Trust.


The self-evidence of good faith.


It has been over 6 years

since I have seen my daughter

or my grandchildren,

such has been the warfare

of those defectors of Liberty.


And yet.

It’s as though no time has passed

between us,

my daughter and I.


It’s the same with my grandchildren,

even those three

I’ve not had the freedom

to meet in person.


A man who knows history,

learns from it.


A faithful wife and mom

knowing the future


as the light

a billion candle-watt


rightly dividing

wheat and chaff,

infinity and temporal.


As embodiment of

protection and good faith,

she rings True liberty

and intelligently defines

all life

as man Well



There is your choice.


And it’s a good one.


And a great one.



That’s just fun.


Getting up everyday


you are consciously aligning with

Infinitely good great choices


and the future of the world

thanks you for it




Infinitely good greatness

is always







Happy 10th wedding anniversary

to my radiant daughter

and covenant son.


I am truly blessed and highly favored.



Much Love,

Mama Murphy





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